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The daylight providing system for sandwichpanels in pitched roofs. Highly isolating and without condensation burden.

introvideoEN240The ATLAS WINDOWPANEL is a daylight providing system for pitched sandwichpanel roofs with unique qualities:

– Applicable for every type of type sandwichpanel regardless of the profile or core thickness.
– Isolating values down to a U-value of 1,1 W/m²K or lower.
– Minimal water condensation by means of innovative ventilation without comprimising the isolating values.
– Perfect waterproof and air tight connections to the surrounding sandwichpanels.
– Beautiful finishing at the bottom side of the panel when viewed from inside the building.

The ATLAS WINDOWPANEL is protected by an European Patent EP 3 124 714 B1 held by Atlas Acomfa. The inventor A.G. de Klerk is director and one of the shareholders of the company.

 Images with a short introduction of ATLAS WINDOWPANEL

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