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The daylight providing system for sandwichpanels in pitched roofs. Highly isolating and without condensation burden.

After thorough research we have came to the conclusion that a machine that can make rectangular cut outs in a (thick) sandwichpanel does not exist. Therefore, we have developed our own robotic sawing machine that is able to create the rectangular excisions in the sandwichpanel with a maximum thickness of 200mm. This sawing machine can also perform many other sawing motions on sandwichpanels with its robotic arm. Like angled and miter cuts.

Preferably the production of ATLAS WINDOWPANEL is executed as close to the sandwichpanel manufacturer as possible. In most cases the sandwichpanel will be manufactured when the customer’s order comes in. The time between production and assembly is minimal. A few of the sandwichpanels will be used to produce the ATLAS WINDOWPANEL. To minimize the costs of logistics and production time the robotic sawing machine will be relocated to a specialized company near the manufacturer of the sandwichpanel or will be placed at the manufacturing facility. The assembly of ATLAS WINDOWPANEL and the excision of the rectangular shapes will take place wherever the robotic sawing machine is located. The top sheet and pre assembled bottom sheet will be custom sized and supplied by Atlas Acomfa BV.


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