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The daylight providing system for sandwichpanels in pitched roofs. Highly isolating and without condensation burden.

The most important and distinguished features of the ATLAS WINDOWPANEL in comparison to other daylight providing systems for sandwichpanels in pitched roofs are formulated under READ MORE. Then these features are tested and discussed for traditional double skin rooflights and multiwall polycarbonate panels.

rooflight double skin textA traditional double skin light transmitting roofpanel consists of a translucent synthetic top sheet with the same profile as the sandwichpanel. The flat or slightly profiled bottom sheet usually consists of raised edges (in some cases the edges are made of wood). The bottom sheet is clued or sealed to the top sheet with a foam profile. There will also be placed sealant along all the edges.

PC paneel zonderFor some sandwichpanels there is a multiwall polycarbonate panel of which the top sheet has the same profile as the sandwichpanel. The bottom sheet is smooth. The polycarbonate panels are manufactured my means of an extrusion process and with a specific core size. For each core size that differs or a top sheet with a different profile a new mold needs to be made.


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