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The daylight providing system for sandwichpanels in pitched roofs. Highly isolating and without condensation burden.

VENTvideo240ENThe ATLAS WINDOWPANEL is constructed to facilitate an airflow that drains off humid air before it gets the chance to condense. Testing has shown that in case of a closed off panel condensation only occurs on the translucent topsheet and not on the multiwall bottom sheet. Vapoured water is able to go through the multiwall bottom sheet. Because of this the vapoured

water is able to get between the top and the bottomsheet. There are also other ways through which (warm) humid air arises in this space. When not drained off the accumulating vapoured water will start condensing on the top sheet in case of low outside temperatures. The ATLAS WINDOWPANEL drains the humid air off. There are a few millimetres of space between the translucent top sheet and the metal top sheet of the sandwichpanel. This allows an airflow from outside to get in. This airflow is able to drain off the humid air through the ventilationholes on top of the panel. The airflow is kept going by a natural suction of wind. The modest airflow does not have an effect on the isolating value of the panel as this is almost completely depends on the bottom sheet.

Ventilation method to avoid water condensation in the ATLAS WINDOWPANEL

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